The prices on our website are displayed in each currency converted from U.S. dollars using the exchange rate. The exchange rates are updated daily.

Orders will be shipped from U.S. to customers directly. Delivery time may vary depending on availability of shipping company, When multiple orders are made, they will be shipped in the same shipment. If the multiple orders include pre-order items or backordered items, shipping will be made as soon as the items are back in stock and all orders are ready.
Please see the Delivery page for more information.

Restock date is subject to change depending on the availability. Please note that some preorder items cannot be packed with other items.
After the order is confirmed, we cannot accept the split shipment with regular items or changing shipping method.

Some items are back-ordered items. Sometimes we are not able to make a backorder due to the availability of the manufacturer. We will inform customers via email if the items are no longer available or delayed.

Please note that U.S. products are uneven in quality when it's compared to Japanese printing quality. Items may have misaligned pages, black dots, uneven paint, bends, or damages.

Sale and promotional items
We receive a high volume of orders during sales and promotional period. Some items may be sold out immediately.
Please note that sales and promotional events are subject to change.

Sale items
Sale items include outlet items. Please note that the items include In-store sample items, damaged but usable items, items with no packages or tags, items with damage or dents on the boxes.

Duties and Taxes
The payment of Duties and Taxes are typically the responsibility of the customers.
Please visit Duty and Tax website for more information.